About Beacon Light

Beacon Light is a Hip Hop artist from Grand Rapids, MI. His music varies from hard hitting 808s & creative wordplay, to poetic lyricism over emotionally packed chord progressions. Beacon’s music is a platter of energetic singles and good vibes, blended with moments of deep conversations about real issues and uncomfortable topics. He openly shares His faith in Christ in his music and live performances.

Beacon Light has been featured on numerous Spotify playlists, Top 30 Billboard charts, and Top 50 Hip Hop charts on iTunes. He has songs in television shows, films and in 2016 his music video “Haters” won video of the year in the We Love Music Awards.

 “I make music to make a difference,” says Beacon. “I believe what I have to say needs to be heard by everybody. Jesus healed my life, I believe He can heal ANY life.”

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