My Journey to Healing

I was sexually abused when I was younger. It took me more than 10 years to tell anybody. When I became a Christian I told my parents and other people in my life what had happened to me. I dealt with a lot of  hurt, confusion, and shame because of the abuse. However, through faith in Christ, a lot of prayer, and amazing brothers and sisters in the faith, I stand here mostly healed. I say mostly because there are days when I feel dirty. There are days when depression sneaks up on me and I have to fight against it. God has brought me a LONG way!

Romans 8:28 says this, “All things work for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.” That means that you can be redeemed and made whole regardless of your battles. God can use you.

I think that deep down we all have a sense (including atheists) that God is all-powerful and can stop anything from happening. That is why people get mad at Him when they go through bad things and say ‘there is no God’. However, I think we often forget that He gives all humans (who were made in His image) free will to make their own decisions. EVERY person will be held responsible for the decisions they make.

When I look back on my story the last lyric of my song Jesus Loves Me stands out, “It was people who had done me wrong, but Jesus showed me how to live. Redemption is what the Gospel is.” I originally tried to blame all of my problems on God; but when I examined my story, this is what I found: It was a person who molested me, it was people (my parents) who got divorced, and it was people (my peers) who used to talk about me badly. Most likely the same goes for you. Even something like a car-accident is usually the result of human error.

I say all this so you will give God a chance. Jesus showed me how to live. He changed my life. He can change yours. He is a real man who lived on earth over 2000 years ago. That is a historical fact. Ask any credible historian. Jesus existed. History also points to Him raising from the dead and never dying again. You have an opportunity for healing with Jesus; don’t miss out on it. Ask Him to be your savior and start talking to other people about your story. You’ll be amazed at who God will teach you to be.

By His Grace,

Brandon ‘beacon light’

“He who began a good work in you, will finish it.” Philippians 1:6

Get Healed

If you are struggling and need to talk to a REAL person who cares about you please get in touch with one of these ministries below. They all exist to help people who need it and all of them are available 24/7. We also recommend talking to your pastor, Christian counselor, or another strong believer about your struggles. Pray with them and seek Jesus together.

May you be healed in every way!

My Broken Palace is a non-profit organization of passionate people who want to help others in their time of brokenness. Our shared desire is that no one should ever have to deal with the crushing weight of loneliness, depression, anxiety, stress, abuse, addictions, or thoughts of suicide alone.  Become part of the movement.  Whether you are the one in need or someone who desires to encourage others in theirs, My Broken Palace embraces your participation.

“no one lonely, alone”

At RemedyLIVE we believe that ALL people have been created with value and need to know that they’re not alone in the struggle they face. In fact, your mistakes, pain and struggle are indicators that you’re like everyone else on this planet. You just need to know there is hope in something bigger than your struggle!

Please visit RemedyLIVE to chat with a SoulMedic! These amazing people, available 24/7, are committed to chatting with you, listening to what you’re going through, and loving you with the hope of God.

Want to know more about TheHopeLine®? Since 1991, as part of the Dawson McAllister Association, TheHopeLine® has been helping people navigate difficult life issues. Whether the issue is relational, emotional, physical or spiritual, we can help. And we want to help. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have received real help by connecting with us via private one-on-one chat. More have found help through our blogs and online content. We are confident we can help you too. Our mission is simply, we seek to reach, rescue, and restore those in need of hope.